Anyone wanna be my partner

Hello, I need a partner. I mean I am a girl and I have great ideas for stories. But I’m not a pro at coding. I’m still learning it. If you would like to contact me my Instagram is ashsallow_king. I don’t have Pictures or followers because that’s one of my accounts that people can contact me in. I wouldn’t want my real one away to the public so someone could kidnap me. Feel free to contact me and be my partner. If you don’t know how to code that’s perfectly fine. We can learn together. Or have a 3rd partner to help us code. If you would like to be my partner Follow these steps.

  1. Tell me about your gender.
  2. Tell me why you should be my partner.
    3, Do you know how to code
    4.Whats your Instagram.
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I am a female
I think I should help Because I have been on episode interactive For A while now and I know some Things
Yes I know How to Code


Okay, you’re my 1st choice sorry it took long for me to reply. I’ll message you if I pick you as my partner

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Okay your my 2nd choice but do you have anyway to contact me like social media apps. Instagram?

That is the admin team, they are just moving your topic because you placed it in the wrong category.

Okay then? Thank you for letting me know I guess?

I was just saying since you replied as if they were applying.

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Hey! I’m Sophia, female. I’m pretty not good at code, I don’t have insta-

Any way you could contact me? You could make an Instagram account. All though I already found a partner, I can still get 1 or 2 more partners. But do you have good stories in mind?