Anyone wanna be writing partners?

I’m really interested in writing a story. Problem? Too many ideas and can’t stick to writing one story. If anyone is interested in writing a story together (Not like Co-Writing, Editing partner etc.) comment below.

Sure, I’m interested.

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Ok, I’ll pm u in a few, I’m still in school.

omg I literally have the same problem as you. I have like a billion ideas, I started like 5 different stories, but I haven’t even looked at them in weeks :sweat_smile: But anyways, I think writing a story would be fun


I might’ve already found a writing partner, but I’m still waiting for this person to respond, lol I might’ve even made around like 50 stories but then “oh my god” another idea pops into my head. However, if this person doesn’t respond in the next day or two, then sure if your interested.

Ok then, that person has responded, lol

Sure :+1:

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It’s totally fine

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I feel like such a bad person, lol I’ve messaged so many people and they like never respond

Nooooo, don’t feel bad. Be happy you have help with your story instead. :smiley:

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