Anyone wanna become my Co-writer?

Soooooo… My I’m currently writing a story, and I would like to have a co-partner with me :))

My story is “101 Ways To Survive in Cherrywood: Season One.”
The story is about a girl who lost her grandmom and has to move from Georgia to New York and attend Cherrywood, the international high school which has a lot of different activity and traditional.

The story not just focus on love, but also on drama, and friendship which is shown through the dozen of activity like president body vote project, a reality-trip, winter-day or singing festival, Halloween, drama club v.v. at school.

:)) if you are free, and doesn’t have any time with another story, it would be such a big honored for me to work with u.


I’m free. I’m working on a story, but I’m putting it on hold for a while.

I would love to be a co-writer I really think writing one with someone else would help me a lot and it would be good to share ideas!


I would love to help but cant code :disappointed: have enough ideas

omg, u should totally contact me .-.’’ I have a bunch of ideal, but some of them are… ughhhhh

Would love to but I cant get it right in codes etc. Can you?

I can code .-.’’ do u have instagram, we can contact both of them (ins and episode forum)

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Yes. Episode.honeyy is my instagram