Anyone wanna chat in Korean...? Or just chat?

By making this post, I don’t intend to separate other races, but I really want to know how you people living in Korea manage writing stories while having other tasks (studying…working…etc…) because I can’t seem to be able to handle both things on my hand. I want to really get my story out there and let people know about my story, but I also do have to study (to get into a higher grade of education…a good university…you know wut I mean, right?)
Even if you don’t live in Korea, how do you manage to handle both tasks?

Just a simple question to start the chat with…I’m also lonely, any topic is welcomed (as long as it’s not insulting or inappropriate.). :blush:


Lol, I’m not from Korea, so I hope that I won’t disappoint you there. :sweat_smile:

To be completely honest, I never try to write stories while doing tasks like studying or working. I do working and studying first, and then write stories. What I mean by that is, if I would have to study a whole week for an important test or whatever, I would just focus on that completely, unless I’d have somehow have enough time left for other stuff. In this lockdown situation, however, this is easier. With the time you have, you can always study and do other things in the morning/afternoon. And then, in the evening, you can just chillax and write.

I don’t know, that’s how I personally see it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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:blush: Thank you! I do think that writing in the evening is the best! That’s when the ideas flood out. I seriously have a distraction and procrastination problem tho :joy:

Well, do you like to stay up late at night or do you like to wake up early in the mornings?

I like to stay up at night… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
But sometimes I also want to wake up early in the morning too - to get things done and stuff:]

Well, if you like to stay up late at night, then you can just write your stories then. If you like to wake up early, then you can get your stuff done earlier and then write. It’s like a win-win situation, lol.

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:grin: Thank you. I do write my stories late at night and I am trying like you said, to finish off my tasks in the morning & afternoon…but it will take some time…

Thanks tho!! :blush:

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Actually I struggle with doing everything but I’ve decided to give myself a precise time. For example during the week I need to focus on studying for my university exams, in the evenings I draw a bit, completing the drawing that I’ve done, while in the weekends I tend to write my story :blush:

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Thats a great idea! I guess writing episode would be better in the evenings… but i cant stop!:sweat_smile:

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