Anyone wanna commission me?

Heyyyyyyyyyy, in these trying times, as a struggling university student who can’t go out to work, I’ve found that the best way to get money to buy food and other necessities is doing commissions. I draw a lot so I thought I’d share, pls let me know.


I’m not good with word descriptions so to get the best result, give me something visual to reference from. Even a picture from google of anything.

Any artwork that has been commissioned is for personal use only! Please don’t reproduce for profit or anything of the sorts.

If you’re unsatisfied with the result then I’m sorry because there are no refunds (unless it did a big oopsie). I can make certain small changes like colours but nothing too big!

All commissions will be posted here! I can put your username/nickname or anonymous (Unless it’s something that is very personal to you, then I’ll DM it ;D)

If you have questions regarding what I draw and what I don’t draw pls let me know.

Support me on patreon do get a 50% discount!

Payment is done through Paypal and with GBP!

Payment is upfront and price may go up depending on any extra work done.


Send me an email to or reply here and we can get to bussinessssssss

When you ask for a comission please let me know of these things:

  • Your name/nickname/username
  • What you want me to draw
  • References (I’m begging you please)
  • Description (can be in detail or simple, but please tell me what the pose is going to be or what the character is going to be doing)
  • The style you want it to be and whatnot!




If I had any money, I would, I swear to god.

I know what Uni is like, and not being able to leave to go do your job is Hell.


The thought is what counts!

But by god I do need help, I also need to pay rent and it’s really hard!!!

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Holy Hell…

Yeah, let me see if I’m able to pull something off…

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Dude it’s alright if you can’t! The fact that you understand the hardship is good enough for me, if you can share this that’s help enough, I really appreciate it!


Do you have an instagram I could shout out?

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Sure, I don’t post often but anything helps!

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Good luck. Sorry I couldn’t do more.

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Thank you! And what you did really does help out so from the bottom of my heart thank you.

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Hi! Around how much would it cost for a bust/ pfp commission in this art style:
vee no bg

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Hello! Thank you for reaching out, since it’s realistic (£10), flat colours (£6) and bust (£0), that would only be £16. But I’m willing to negotiate a price if your financial conditions cannot meet it.

Btw, I really love your pfp! Butterfly soup, right?