Anyone wanna create a group with me? [CLOSED]

So, I’ve been looking to create a group, but I’d like to do it with someone else.
It’d be like those groups on instagram where they hire people and complete requests and stuff you know? So you have to have insta :heartpulse:

Idrm which one of us creates the account, but first I just want to get to know you, because if we’re owning a group together then we should know each other well :))

I’m only looking for 1 person to make the group with, maybe we’ll find a co-owner afterwards.

So, yeah, if you’re interested, let me know below and we can discuss things afterwards!

This will close once one person replies, and will open again if that person doesn’t want to participate anymore

Istg no ones gonna reply, but it’s worth a shot :sunflower:


We can discuss together. My instagram is @_amazing_dreamer. Text me to talk.

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Alrighty, I’ll dm you :))

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