Anyone wanna do a Read for read?

Hi would you care to do a read for read with me?

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Of course.

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let’s make that 9 for 9

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Yes, that sounds good. Can you send your link.

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I’m on it right now

Here you go!!!

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I wanna due r4r!! 3x3 sounds alright? My story name is In Apnoea

Goodmorning, thank you so mucb. Your screenshots will be coming shortly.

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I will💓

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Thank you

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Of course, thank you, also.

I don’t have a story out, do you still want me to read the first chapter of yours and tell you if I liked it or not?

Fortuitous love by Sarah_writes
Would love to do a r4r!

:white_heart: Hi everyone! I’d like to promote my story. :white_heart: This is my first story.

:white_heart: I’m down for R4R. Dm on Instagram @storiesbyvalerie dm me those interested in R4R.

:white_heart: I’m up for supporting with gems if you do so as well.

:white_heart: I’ll need screenshots of the chapters as proof and I’ll send you screenshots as well!

:white_heart: please don’t ghost me.

The details are:
Story title: Silent LOVE
Genre: Romance/Queer
Description: What could go wrong with being the new kid & having severe social anxiety? A Lot. Especially when Dwayne Carter the school’s “badboy” is assigned to help you open up more.

Link: Episode Writer Portal

*Style: LL