Anyone wanna help out with covers)

i haven’t written in so long but i suddenly had the motivation to start something, would anyone be willing to draw me a small and large cover for me? i’ll tell let you know all of the details obviously!!


hi! I do edited art of youre interested in that as well as drawn art?
If not I can link some other art shops here :)) Here’s mine:

If uh want uh can check my art shop :two_hearts:

hey! i love your work! do you have commissions?

are your requests open? i’ve loved your work ever since i saw the one of akila and xan :joy:. if so i’d love the request something!

ok thank you so much! can i pm you? or message you on instagram?

thank you so much - i will have a look!!

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i pmed u in insta

Hi! I can provide you with a cover
Please dm me on insta for that!

Thank you!

Hey hun :blob_sun: you still need a cover?

My prices are really good and I can deliver fast, my price range starts with 15$ up to 25$ for
(always incl. 2 characters) every additional character would be a extra 5$ :innocent:

There’s more on my IG: Login • Instagram

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