Anyone wanna join my writing group?

I need a writing group to help me with my story.I have an idea with what my story will be about but I need help with coding,outfits,social media accounts,and somewhat writing.Please just comment on this topic and let me know what role you want!

I wouldn’t mind joinging :smile: could be fun :relaxed:

I can help you with the writing and the outfits

Can I join?

Can i help?

Cann I

I can’t code bc I’m not smart…but I can help with everything else, I can even do the cover/art if you want.

All of you can join!Just dm me on Instagram if you have one.My instagram is Wolfie_Vale.It is private though so you will have to tell me your insta on here

We can arrange the roles later on

can I join

i can help