Anyone wanna just have a convo as strangers?

Anyone wanna just talk about random stuff going on in our lives? Be open with each other? Idk I like talking to ppl about random stuff and I wanna have a open convo with someone random

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Sure, I hVe to get sleep soon though it’s the 4 th of July now

I barely ever sleep lol, how’s life

It’s nice because I have summer break. Although I got a summer job. What about you?

Well my summer is off to a rough start mostly because I can’t walk from crashing my 4-wheeler

Wow, are you on crunches or something?

Yes I am, it sucks but hopefully I’ll be walking soon

Yeah, I mean how much fun could you have on crunches??right

No fun at all, the actually gave me bruises on my hands which sucks

So you broke your leg or something?

Wait stupid question lol

I just mean because I’ve never broken my bone, I can’t relate to the pain

Just a spranged angle and a broken toe and bruises and cuts all over my legs

How long has it been though? It can’t take to long to heal

3 weeks and I tried walking and a bunch of other things but it hasn’t been working out

I hope you heal soon so you can continue to have a fun summer😁

Thankyou I hope so too

I’m waiting for a reply from someone but I am about to fall asleep it’s like 2:30 where I am

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It’s 1:40 where I’m from

Aww an hour behind… I am only staying up late because I have off tomorrow thank goodness