Anyone wanna just have a convo as strangers?


sameee how long does it take you to finish an episode?


Probably like a few hours but I don’t get that much time to work on them


wow its summer rn and it takes me at least 4 days to make an episode which is between 10 and 15 minutes lol


Lol 4 days just to make 1 lol that’s alot of time but also it takes a while for overlays and backgrounds to be reviewed


trueee lol i also have overlays and a background to be reviewed but i uploaded them a few days agoooo :(((


how long is an episode in your story?


I have like 4000 - 5000 lines


do you draft your stories in a paper/notebook or wing them?


I draft them in notes on my phone lol


i wanna do that but i hate that im too lazy to :’)