Anyone wanna talk about path to fame?

I forget how much it stressed me out. the whole Alex/Taylor cheating on u with sexy kitten was never explained and THAT HYPOCRITE lectures ME about trust. Jerk. But anyway, what did u guys think of the story overall? Pet peeves and best moments?


I totally forgot about that part. Yeah, we never saw anything with Sexy Kitten, and I pushed that French dude away EVERY CHANCE I GOT! I was like, no. I know where this is going, I don’t want you. I was adamant about it. I was RUDE to him, but he just didn’t care and then he was like meh, and I was like, NOOOO! But it didn’t freaking matter and then we had to do all this nonsense to PROVE ourselves and Alex was like, “This can’t work,” ALMOST breaking up with us until she can’t deny that nothing happened. OOOF…

I really liked the Demi Lovato story. Parts 1 and 2 were awesome. Part 3 was a bad cash grab.

Callie, this will sound bad, but Callie got on my nerves a lot. Like, I am a little sister that was “forgotten” about by her big sister, and I was never a little brat about it. Geez. It happens. If I was that big sister, I’d straight up tell her, “look…people grow up, people gotta make a living. I love you, but back off, damn it. My world doesn’t revolve around you. And make better choices.”

See, I participate in tough love. XD