Anyone wanna talk?

Having insomnia is so damn tiring man…I think to much. Sometimes I think it’s a curse because I can sleep for 1-2 hours and never sleep for 2-3 days. So, anyone wanna talk cuz I’m hella bored lol :laughing:

im bored too lol hello jello

Lol hey gurl Im so damn bored im just looking on Zepeto thingy and figuring out how to work it

same thats me everyday from like 7Pm- 4AM come home do my stuff then im bored just on youtube and i had a zepeto deleted it after i heard that they listen to you or something like that

Yep most of my nights are quiet and me stareing at my ceiling and wdym oh hellz no bish im gone :laughing:

hahaha i have those night sometimes too pretty quiet…sometimes i just want to turn up my music soo loud but cant because my new neighborhood is soo quiet

and yeah that they record and track you BUT they just rumors i dont know if they are true but i also deleted it cuz i didn’t understand how it worked

hello I too am bored and have no life

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#NoLife lol

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Bruhhh my neighbors blast their music when its like 5am in the morning like omfg its annoying and they so mean :sob: :laughing: jk

Lmao gurl…sameeeeee literally bored alll the damn time nothing fun anymore!

i literally do nothing all day except for procrastinate doing some damn work

lmao ummm where you at i think i need to move there ahahha i hate it…its too too quiet the only think is fucking cats fucking or dying idk but you know when cats make those weird as noises like it souds like a little kid crying yeah thats all i hear along with cop/ambulance sirens since im near Downtown Los Angeles

Gurl im in the ghettos of Huntington beach all yall gonna here is police sirens and kids yelling all the damn time lol

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At you have a job lol I still have to get my work permit and school ID :laughing:

hahaha i think i like you…
i stayed in the “ghetto” i stayed in Glassell Park now im in Lincoln Heights

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Awww im flattered :sob: :laughing: ghettos can be rough sometimes you just gotta know who people don’t mess with

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nah I don’t have a job LOLL I’m homeschooled and have to finish all my classes before the fall

Hey Im homeschooled to lol noice but public to much gang violence there had to move into homeschool

hahaha ghetto is all i know hahaha jk jk but omg girly
like seriously i remember one time i was at a party at THE “trap house” not just any but the main one where the big boss lived and at that time i didnt know it but omg we were at a party…not a teen party like a full on mexican party…cuz im mexican and we party a lot lol…and out of no where bam fist and shit starts flying then you hear cop sirens and we fucking run me and my family and we get home and guess wtf was in my baby sis stroller…girl fucking knives dude knives…im like wtf…looking back now its funny as shit but idk ghetto is rough but you get life lessons and you make fun and horrible memories along the way

oh my god that sucks, I switched half way this year to online schooling because of my mental health and that school was literally death