Anyone wanna talk?

Oh hellz nah bish I tried everything lol I tried drinking warm milk that didnt work i tried taking a warm shower didn’t work and pretty everything else I tried lol

Gurl…I’m trying lol its hard :laughing:

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I call bull i didnt hear you say that you tried ASMR hahaha…

But i feel you i cant sleep sometimes and im just up bored tf out of my mind…might as well enjoy watching a movie or something

Ight fine you caught me lol i dont know wth that is and yeh i agree some nights are peaceful i love them and others are full of sirens lol

go on youtube search that shit up…as odd as it seems its helped me sometimes to fall asleep…BUT its not for everyone though so KEEP AND OPEN MIND

Lmao i will but im cautious fool :laughing:

Bruhhh im so fucken dumb how did i not realize what that meant oml lmao

put that shit down it aint nothing scary or porn or anything like that but might give you like this weird tingling feeling

Ahaha i realized that ahit now oml

so youve heard of it lol

Lol yeah I heard of it I just forgot it i mean i didnt realise that it popoed into my head

well what do you think of it

Oof, I’m hella bored rn. Skdjksks everyone left. :sleepy:

It kinda wors lol

Lol how

Same lol

Cuz my ass was warm with all my blankets i fell asleep finally! HELL YA :laughing:

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Same what gurl? Lol :smile:

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