Anyone wanna write an episode story with me?

Okay so my name is Frankie and I’ve been on episode for about 4 years now and my love for writing stories on the app happened a year and a half ago as I learnt to code, but I’ve never actually posted any stories because I never finish them or no motivation. but this time I really want to complete a story and I was wondering if anyone wanted to write a story with me, in my opinion I would say that I’m a decent writer on episode,
Also I would like to say that what the story is about is not decided as we would both decide on a story genre and story line together

If you do want to write a story with me then feel free to message me on instagram @frankie.stories

sounds fun but i’m not really expert at coding…

aha me neither, im decent but not amazing! :smile:

so what do you have in mind? i was just starting to think of a romcom.

I’d love to help you write a story! would love to discuss ideas with you.
Do you have insta?

yes I do it is frankie.episode, i have had to make a new account due to forgotten password on my old one :joy:

Hi! I’m a beginner at creating stories, but I would love for someone to help me!

Okay! Dm me on instagram frankie.episode :blush:

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yes i would love to if your willing to work with i got no problem:grin::grin:

my name is hamda1180:grinning:

I’ve messaged you on insta :slight_smile:

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I would love to help
My insta episode.nia