Anyone want a drawn cover of this sketch

So I made this sketch. but kinda dont wanna use it for a cover. it doesn’t fit for any story I have. I am only doing covers no art scenes. I do all styles.

I have a few rules getting it though.

give credit of course. just my user name I am called that everywhere

the story has to be published. or just about to be. though if you already have a cover on your not published story please dont ask. I find it very rude to ask for a new cover when you already have there havent been used. I dont want anyone who just started on their story and hasn’t even finish the first chapter. and dont ask if you already have a drawn one (outline drawn counts too)

the story has to be decent. I dont care about plot really. but you actually have to have a decent one and some decent directing.

In other words, if you start your story by saying sorry its bad then its a no from me. if in doubt you can send me a link to the story and I can tell if it. actually I would be happy if you did that

If I make the cover you have to use it.

send pictures of the two characters in the clothes you want. give me title, author name and a background. tell me if you want a black outline or not

wanna see some of my finish work. and yes I know I am not that good. but hey its free. if you want people who do better you properly have to throw money at it or be very lucky

and last, this is not a thing you have to do to get a cover. but please read my story

self promo

Note I only do this because I am in a drawing mode but dont really know what to draw. usually, I only do edits: look here Art shop. both edited and drawn

Hi there. May I see some of your finished work

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if you had read evrything you would have seen there is a link right under the sketch

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