Anyone want a free story starter?

My story is called “The Kings Daughter?! (On Hold)”
and I have not been able to write episodes lately and it has got me procrastinating to finish…
I am looking for someone who wants to take over the rights of my story as their own as long as they keep the main idea of the story the same, Finish it and send me a link to see it once it is finished…

Main idea of story: A girl without a father figure in the home growing up discovers that she is the girl based around the kingdoms famous “Lost princess legend” when her “big brother dante” shows up at her school dropping a bombshell of news on her birthday… the same day that the kingdom gathers to host a festival in the name of their lost princess legend…But… When the girl realises the truth behind her mother and king fathers past… and what she has to do to maintain her royal status… (Aka marry someone of noble decent before her father passes away or someone else makes a claim of being the lost princess) will she be able to hold the crowns weight? Or will she fall from grace!
(In the kingdom the law states that the 1st princess becomes ruler… and that due to this. Dante didn’t wish to become the king as he saw himself unfit and that he knew his sister was out there somewhere)


Hi there

I would love this starter

Please DM me @epy.carla on Instagram ASAP


Okay… If you check my thing… I have around 5 ep’s already done and started so if you do need the scripts I can send you them… Just remember to mention me in the story as the starter writer. c;


I am a little confused by what u mean if u have Instagram please message me @epy.carla


I messaged you…
This is a story I started to write…
But I have recently lost the passion and dedication to write it and have been putting it off and procrastinating…
So I am trying to get someone willing to take control of the story and continue/finish it… and have it as their own.
(Basically I am giving away what was the first 5 episodes of the story to someone and they can continue writing it and take ownership of the story, since I won’t end up finishing it)

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