Anyone want a new friend?

hi! i am looking for new friends :stuck_out_tongue:


hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii new friend

hi! do you have an ig?

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yeah but I’m rarely on…

pm me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey new friend😂

Hellooooooooo to you too​:slight_smile::wink:

hi :slight_smile:

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hi honey !

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Hiii …wait ? Are you going to eat me?
I am not real honey!! Don’t eat me😓

Hi, me too

haha, of course not :joy:

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hi babe!

Hush , great :smiley: so what are we going to do here (other than saying Hiii , I am not complaining though​:wink:)

Whats your name?jandii or not

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Where are you from?
- to @jandii , and all too

it is jandi! just one i :heartbeat:

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i am from the usa :sun_behind_large_cloud:

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Woha , why there is sun behind clouds ? Is it the whether of their?

the sun goes behind the cloud everywhere honey :slight_smile: