Anyone Want a Simple Background? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



im pretty sure its ok! but to make u understand its like an open cafe/restaurant in nighttime u know? :sweat_smile: its ok if u dont want to redo it since its been like 3 times? :sweat:



I don’t mind, it doesn’t take long. Is this better?


Yea Its Better, tysm! and sorry :sweat_smile:



No problem :blush::sparkling_heart:


Hey Patrick :blush:

I’m in need of a few prison-y backgrounds :sweat_smile:

Background #1

This is the jail hallway background in my story currently. Can the walls be kind of similar or dingy like this?

The first background has two beds in one jail cell. Don’t worry about creating a cell overlay, I have one I can use.
The first zone should have a bed like this facing front (without the claw marks :wink:):

The third zone has the same exact bed, just flipped.

You may add whatever props you’d like to make it more…prison-like in the second zone. And the walls have the dingy background.

Background #2

The walls are also like this. This one however, only has 2 zones.

The bed is exactly the same as your example:

The bed would go in the 2nd zone. You may put any props that fit the theme in the 1st zone.

Last Background

Okay. This is the last one for right now :relieved:
Do you think you’d be able to create a interior diner background? Something for the inside of this:

It’s for a small, backwater town. Nothing from the 1950s or anything but something you’d see on movies like this:

This background is more optional than the first two. If you can make it, do you think I could also have an overlay of the tables and chairs. And maybe a small staff room where employees get changed or have breaks?

Thank you so much for this :blush: I just recently got a reply back from Episode saying I can’t use some of my current backgrounds so I’m scrambling to find new ones since I can’t make my own :persevere:.


Do these ones fit the criteria? As for the diner, I’ll probably work on that in my free time since that one isn’t as pressing. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Yes, these will work just fine! Thank you, Patrick :blush: I’ll be sure to credit you.


You’re welcome :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Hey, do you have an overlay of this desk?


Just the desk, or with the books on it?


Just the desk


Here :sparkling_heart:Desk%204


At last! Now I can continue my story! Thank you!


You’re welcome :blush:


Can you do a bedroom for two little boys? The floor a grey wood, and I don’t care what color of the wall is.


Sure, I have a couple other requests atm so it could take a few days. But just for clarification, would you like the beds to be actual beds, cribs or a bunk bed? And would you like windows, paintings, etc?


That’s fine take your time no rush! I would like to have two actual beds,two windows behind the beds,and some toys on the floor. Could you make a night and day one please? Thank you!!:blue_heart::blue_heart:


I was able to get to it a bit faster than expected. Here it is! Let me know if you want anything changed. :sparkling_heart:


This is perfect!! Thank you so much!!:blue_heart::blue_heart:


You’re welcome :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: