Anyone Want a Simple Background? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



hey, its me again :sweat_smile: I cant resist how good these backgrounds are! hehe… soo do you have both of this backgrounds without the toys and in pink color so it could be girl teen bedroom :sweat: if u need sometime thats ok :revolving_hearts:



Sure, I can do it! I’ll get to it tomorrow as it’s late here and I’m going to bed :sparkling_heart:


of course, tysm :heavy_heart_exclamation:


How is this?


Hiya, I’d like to request a background of a picture frame but with one half of it ripped and i’d like three of these if that is possible, one half with the female holding a blue baby prop in a park, One with the male holding a pink baby prop in a park and then one where the two halves are put together in the picture frame if that makes sense and I would also love it if you can make the filter for all of the photos be black and white. Thank you!


tysmm!! :heart: Credit is on the way for u :joy::heart:


could i have a gym background ? (day & night) and also a room w alot of weapons? like bombs & guns & stuff ? x


Do you need night ones of the weapons room(s) too?


yes! tysm!


hey! can you invent a modern-ish living room with a picture of these 3 like a family picture please?


Here are the night versions of the weapon rooms


You’ll probably get it within a day or two :sparkling_heart:


Heya, just for clarification. Would you like me to make the picture frame and then hang it on a wall/hall to create a background, or would you just like me to create the picture frame with the ripped contents, and leave it like that as an overlay?


thank you !


I would like you to leave it as an overlay please and thank you!:slight_smile:


do you have a day version of the one w the chairs?


The day version is further up. :sparkling_heart:


okay !


Is this what you had in mind?


idk if this is ‘simple’ but could you possible make me 2 backgrounds…one of a balcony where you can see the streets below, and another of a view from the streets of the same balcony? if it’s too complicated it’s fine!