Anyone Want a Simple Background? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



the day version of the living room isn’t the right size


For some reason no matter what I do it automatically lowers the images size when I upload. Could you try going o a site to resize it like this one? The correct size should be 1920 x 1136


Are these ok?


How’s this?


Sure, send me the details :sparkling_heart:


Thanks! :blush:


You’re welcome! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


These are perfect thank you! And not to be a bother but I forgot to request a this story uses sound splash! Can you make me one real fast, I totally understand if you can’t.


Sure, hold on :sparkling_heart:



Can I request another picture frame overlay?


Yes :blush:


I’d like to request three overlays and two backgrounds please, I know it’s a lot and I don’t mind waiting.

Overlays: I want a magic fireball overlay, a magic electric ball overlay, and counter and table overlays for the coffee shop.

backgrounds: I would like a coffee shop exterior and interior with the name of the coffee shop being Penny’s and I’d like the exterior version to have a city in the back like the philly one from the art catalog. I would also like the coffee shop to follow the color scheme of the coffee outfit from the art catalog, I will show you a picture. I’d also like a twin baby bedroom background with a pink crib and a blue crib and just some baby stuff inside the room. I’d like it to be day/night and then I want the same twin baby background but with You’re twins are next written in blood on the wall. I know this is a lot, sorry!:):sweat:


You’ll most likely have them in a couple days :blush::revolving_hearts:


Do I need to send the character details again or just what I would like in the image?


Would you be able to remove the rail and clothes plus the mannequin the wall hanging ang desk from this


I’m in need of a creepy basement background, like one where a kidnapper would keep his victims captive if that makes sense? :joy:

Anyways if you get time I really appreciate it! =)


Just what you’d like in the image :sparkling_heart:


I’ll see if I can do it :sparkling_heart:


You’ll probably get it in a few days :sparkling_heart: