Anyone Want a Simple Background? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



You’re great at this art btw. Genuinly great.


Thank you :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


these backgrounds are awesome! keep it up! I am thinking. How about a party background, pool, beach house, tree house. These are some suggestions. :wink:


Thank you for the suggestions! :blush:


these backgrounds are amazing :heart_eyes: do you have overlays for few of them? (like the ones with tables, counters)


I think I might have overlays with some of them…do you have a background in particular (or a couple) you’d like an overlay from?


I’d love a simplistic bedroom with at least a chair and a bed in it :smiley: It’s alright if you don’t have time to do it, I just love your backgrounds!


Can u make like a whole house (like with every room) and with similar walls and flooring and everything and including a walk in closet also. If u can that would be amazing.


Do you want certain colors to appear in the room? Or a painting/window?


I could try to do a whole house, but it would just take some time.


Take your time. There’s no rush and thank you so much


Hello! Would it be too much trouble to make me a simple room for you know like “agents” to have meeting in (you know like just with armor and what not)


Sure, I can try to do that :grin:


Are there certain things you would like in the room, you said armor, is there anything else you have in mind. Like a painting, windows, etc.


Hm… I would also appreciate if you could add like chairs and what-not for my characters to interact in and a table (but I’m sure you already knew to add those) and weapons.


Just whatever you think would look like a nice room but kinda trashy since my characters are “bad” haha (And yea windows)


Just nothing too girly, my MC doesn’t really like pink :slightly_smiling_face: A window would be really nice, thanks! If the room could be at night, that would be great


I made a day and night version


Hi @Problematic_Patrick I love the backgrounds! I was wondering if requests are still open? :smile:


Oh my lord that was so quick! I really love the night one, it fits the tone of my story perfectly! Thanks so much omg <3