Anyone Want a Writing Buddy?

Hey!! I’m writing a mystery story and I was wondering if there was anyone who I could bounce ideas off of and get opinions from? Of course, if you are a writer too feel free to do the same with me!


i’d love to help! feel free to pm me

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Hey girl, i would love to help you. I am an author of mystery story, so you can DM me if you need help :blush::blush::blush:

hey! im also writing a mystery id love to bounce ideas off each other

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I’m looking for a partner that knows how to code.

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I’m interested! I’m pretty good at coding and making art references on my macbook.

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I’m down for new stories amigos😊

I would really appreciate if someone could help me:3 I’m writing a story that invokes mystery and romance but trying to avoid cliches in the love story of the characters. I’m looking for someone who can now and then help me with plot hole and give an opinion of my episodes, don’t ask for too much like a friend wise

Hey I wouldn’t mind helping you out my IG: Kandyepisodes

Hey I was wondering if you would want to be my partner in helping me come up with ideas for my story rn im having a brain dead moment but we can talk more about it on my Instagram account: alien_princess19

Sure! My instagram is @willow.writesss

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I will text you now

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I like writing!

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