Anyone want an artist? Insta: @freya.lonigan


UPDATE: Feel free to request, but I have now already got a line up so as long as you’re ok with quite a wait, I’ll be happy to do your art for you!

Hey guys!
Although I was looking for an artist myself, I thought I’d give this a shot.
If you would like any art covers or splashes I’d be glad to help (I probably won’t be great with special art scenes but I can try if you really like) .

I would preferably like to draw the covers myself as I’m not very good at photoshopping and things, so any requests may take time. First request will be the only request I’ll start, until I see how I go and whether you like my art or not :slight_smile:

Feel free to comment anything!

(I have nothing against you going to other artists after giving me a request)

Here’s some of my work :slight_smile:


I’m not asking for anything, but here’s a bit of advice. It’d help if you gave people some examples of your work. :slight_smile:


I like a splash saying turn up the volume


Do you think you can make me a cover for my story?


Ok, thank you :slight_smile: I might upload some then. @CD_Erugo


I can try. :slight_smile: send me the info? @piglet7


Any certain type of back ground?? @Episode-Diamonds


Wow! This is beautiful work! I’d like to request an art scene with IMG_2374|281x500

Kissing in INT. DELTA HOUSE MEETING ROOM - DAY in zone 2
If you could do this, that would be amazing




@Cassandra_Dean I would love to try for you! But I cannot promise it will be great. What would you like the art scene to be? You can private message or reply to this comment. :slight_smile:


wanna join a art group


Yes! @Episode-Diamonds does amazing art! I was actually invited to join too, but turned down the offer due to school. But you should totally join! Your work is awesome!


Ok, aha. @Episode-Diamonds @Cassandra_Dean. What is the art group? Dumb question, sorry. :slight_smile:


@Episode-Diamonds IS the art group. They have many members of the group working hard on art request from people.


Oh ok, cool. Well I guess I will join @Episode-Diamonds, but like @Cassandra_Dean I have school so don’t have a whole load of time to do art. :slight_smile:




I love your art! What app do you use?


Your examples are so good! :grin:


@Secretz_lol Adobe Sketch


Ok, thanks for telling me!