Anyone want an episode profile pic?

She is petty. I like it thank you so much.

Yay! People like what i do. you’re welcome


Eyes: Deepset Almond ( green blue)
Nose: Grecian Soft
Face: Diamond Defined Contour
Hair: Long Side Shave ( Pastel Blue)
Brow: Straight Medium ( Jet Black)
Skin Tone: Rose 09
Lips: Full Round Pouty ( Blackberry gloss)

would you like the outfit as well?

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yes please


whoops forgot the tattoo and the watch.

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ummm my eyebrows are black :joy:

this better?

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Its prefect omg thank youuu

you’re welcome!

can you please recommend this post to some people?? it would mean so much

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@ChayChay @lilysmith10
Mum, mama :joy: do you want episode profile pics


@dee_dee25, do you want an episode profile pic?

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cool. give me specifics please

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I want one plzzzz

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what background?

not right now, i’m at school