Anyone want backgrounds?I can try!

Just tell me bellow! And I will try to make one for you in a paint effect which is suitable for episode stories!

Some of my works!

Btw I wanna say am not yet started putting watermark…so whoever uses my backgrounds please use @ave_episode for credit!thank u

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How soon can u get them by

I will work now! Tell me which type of background you need!?

Can you do a dorm room? With fairy lights?

lemme see

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I wanna know is it like bedroom with fairy lights?

So here it is…I did it with an episode background!If you need other background tell me

It looks very nice but is there a day time one?

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Yeah sure!wait for some minute just!

K! Is this on a google drive

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Just left click and save image as!

Do you have a google drive?

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With episode backgrounds?

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no I download it from art catalogue then I edit them

You should make one!

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tbh it is my first background!

But idk how can you tell me please!:sweat_smile::kissing_heart:

Make a google account, search google drive and then follow the steps

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