Anyone Want Moodboards? 👀 (closed for now ehehhe)

hi angels!! :))

i’m currently experimenting with some ideas for a new style of moodboard, and i think i’ve settled on how i want it to look! :see_no_evil:

however, i need to practice how i’ll make it, so i thought i could use characters from ur story, so u get a free set of moodboards, and i get practice! :smirk:

i don’t requests anymore, so this is eXcLuSIvE, BUT I WILL PROBABLY DO THEM AGAIN SOON LMAOO

here’s all i need to know:

  • character name:
  • character details:
  • gender:
  • location:
  • personality:
  • fashion sense:
  • job:
  • anything else you’d like me to know!:

it would be amazing if u could give me two boards, a male and a female! <3

this is a first-come-first-served offer, so i will only take the first request, or the first few, if they were typing at the same time :pleading_face:
i should be done by tomorrow!

my examples are on my ig, but they won’t look the same as this!:


so we can use our characters?

also sup


yesss!! :pleading_face:

hey bro


i forgot to include character details oh my god

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I was looking for mood boards so this came at a good time lol


well darn I’m 2 mins late


it’s okay! i’ll still be able to take ur request :))


request accepted queen xo

i would’ve made them for ur new story anyway heheheh


i’ve finished the boards sara, i’ll pm them to u so the new theme isn’t spoiled :smirk:

:smiley: thanks


INK: Tan, Thin Arch, Long Bangs in White, Stoic Almond in White, Defined Triangle, Button, Uneven in Taupe
Gender: Male
Location: University in New England, from Southern New Jersey
Personality: paranoid, aloof, extreme partier, edgy, unable to take anything seriously, audiophile, graduated top of his high school class
Fashion Sense: Somewhere between e-boy and frat boy
Job: College student
Anything else: He’s a drug addict, which is essential to the plot.


INK: Fair, Medium Angled, Straight in Charcoal, Upturned Feline in Purple, Oval, Upturned, Classic in Raven
Gender: Female
Location: New England, from somewhere a little warmer than here :wink:
Personality (She has two personalities, but here we go): Extremely charismatic, devious and cruel but comes off as sweet and innocent, highly intelligent, seductive in an innocent sort of way, frequently victimizes herself
Fashion sense: Innocent, but extremely flattering
Job: College student
Anything else: She’s a succubus :woman_shrugging:

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