Anyone want their LL character featured in my new story?

Just provide character details below ( the story won’t be coming out for a while )

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Body: Copper 00
Brow: Round Medium (chestnut brown)
Hair: Short Messy Pony Tail (blonde medium)
Eyes: Angular Slender (blue deep)
Face: Square Defined
Nose: Round Flared Downturned
Lips: Medium Downturned Pout (fair gold matte)

Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater Cotton Cream
Netted Collar Dress Small Belted Floral Short Dress Cotton Ivory White
Heeled Close Toed Ankle Boot Suede Beige Pale
Thin Round Rim Glasses Metal Silver
Off Shoulder Backpack Leather White
Beauty Mark Mole Lower Cheek Brown
Collared Heart Necklace Metal Silver

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You can check this out! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: