Anyone want to be a character? Open Again! (LL) πŸ’›

I’m writing a dystopian story and I need characters! LL and any gender or sexuality! Need more males!!
You have to put the following below in someway:

Name, Gender, Skin, Hair Style AND Color, Eyes AND Color, Eyebrow Style AND Color, Face Shape, Nose, Mouth AND Color, Sexuality
Optional: Outfit, Nose Piercings, Tattoos, Glasses and Color/Frame, and Freckles or Moles!
Outfit may be changed based on what role they’re playing
I will credit you by your episode forum username or instagram, just say what one you want me to use and what it is :slight_smile: thanks!
Roles (you can enter up to 3 characters in)
Antagonist doctor (@Bristi)
Normal doctor (@Sunset_Shimmer)
Family for MC (if they have Gold 02 skin tone) (1 more) (@Motel_vibes23 @Gen17)
Experimental Patients (1 more maybe) (@Shianna)
Guy LI #2 (@Jessica.C)
Girl LI (@BitterSweetXO)
Family for Guy LI #1 (if they have Gold 03 skin tone) (2)
Family for Guy LI #2 (if they have Rose 03 skin tone) (2 more) (@roscpetal)
Family for Girl LI (if they have Rose 02 skin) (1 more) (@Shianna)
Friends (@BlauwStories03 @coco.xhic @Sunset_Shimmer @Blue1994)
Rival (@Jessica.C)
Extra doctors (2 or 3)
Say which role you want and I’ll most likely give it to you! :yellow_heart:


β€’ gender: female (bisexual)
β€’ honestly i don’t know if she fits your story, but i’ll leave details anyways (just in case).
β€’ outfit can be changed, just leave freckles and tattoo.
β€’ my instagram is jess.episodes


Name : Lyvia
Gender : Female
Skin : Copper 01
Hair Style and Color : Double Buns (Ash Blonde)
Eyes and Color : Deepset Downturned (Ice Blue)
Brow and Color : Arched Short (Dark Brown)
Face Shape : Heart Soft
Nose : Round Button
Lip and Lip Color : Small Heart (Pink Warm Matte)

Freckles Heavy (00-03)

  • Instagram : @coldbluestories


  • Suspender Dress Highwaist Red Rose
  • Kneehigh Socks Mary Janes Leather Red Praline β€œOR” Heeled Close Toed Ankle Boot Suede Gray Black
  • Ribbon Fabric Jeweled Choker Cotton Red True
  • Metal Clasp Leather Red True
  • Tinted Ombred Thin Framed Neutral Warm

do you have any preference for her sexuality?

Gender:Female & straight
Credit: Forums Username
You can change the outfit or tattoo if you want

what would you like her name to be??

It doesn’t really matter you can choose the name if you want.


ooh thank you!

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Antagonist dr
Yellow suspender dress
Red thigh high boots
Lab coat
Red choker
Skin: gold 04
Eyebrows:Arched Natural Scar (Copper red)
Hair: conservative cut (Copper red)
Eyes: deepest downturned (aqua blue)
Face: dimond long
Nose:round broad
Tinted Ombred Thin Framed Rose Red
Mole cheek
Heavy tattoos

thank you!

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role: Guy LI #2

(btw she is asian)
role: Rival

Name: Max
Sexuality: Lesbian
Role: family of MC?
Body: gold 02
Eyebrows: round medium (dark brown)
Hair: long bangs short hair (dirty blonde)
Eyes: round downturned wide (blue green)
Face: round soft
Nose: round button
Mouth: medium thin (pink peach Lt gloss)
Other details: nose stud and floral tattoo ink



thank you!


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you’re welcome


Girl LI

Credit - @bittersweetxo_episode (ig)

thank you so much!

sorry for the late respond. its up to u :blush: