Anyone want to be a co-writer im new to the format so i could really use some help

Hey is anyone interested in being a co-writer . I have 2 ideas on a story that’s really interesting but I just need some help putting it all together and I would love having someone else to bounce ideas off of sooo if anyone is interested or think they could possibly help and their good with the format please message me back thank you :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m not sure about co-writing completely, but if you need help with screen directing and the like here and there, I’d be happy to help,

honestly anything would be helpful im new so the format is completely confusing the living crap out of me so honestly any help would be amazin n i thought it would be better if i had someone else bouncing ideas off of n idk whatevre u cn do i would be appropriate it

I understand, at first it’s really confusing when you first look at it, but the concept is actually really simple when you get used to it. Have you created any characters for your story yet? Once you do, I can help you from there. ((But honestly, the most helpful thing to do would be to read the guide))

ive read the guide but i dont know if its my computer messing up or not but ill legit copy and past the guide switch out the names n sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt idk if i should be on a type of app or what im doin wrong its weird but i switched to chrome im hoping itll help yah i made some characters not all of them yet but im working on it i feel like ill end up doing it and everything but its goin to take a really long time lol

if you have any advice i am totally listening lol

Firstly, using the Episode app is your best bet. Seriously. For example: spot directing (getting the exact positioning of) characters.


Make a scene and position your character on any of the basic positions. EXAMPLE: @CHARACTER stands screen left. Then, on the app on your phone, go to the “Create” tab. Then tap on your story. Tap directing helper or whatever it says. Position your character where you want them. Then, there should be a little blurb telling you the code for it. ((It will be @CHARACTER -insert bunch of numbers here-. Delete @CHARACTER stands screen left or whatever you put and type in EXACTLY what the blurb says. Then you would have the exact positioning that you wanted.

For more clarification, watch this video:

In fact I would watch all of Joseph Evans’ tutorials, because they’re extremely helpful… and probably less confusing than my explanations.

If there’s anything else you specifically need help with, let me know! :grin: