Anyone want to be my personal editor or someone that makes limb overlays for me?

Well the title says it all.
I have an android so when I edit the limbs the quality looks really bad and I prefer better quality.

Also I find it really hard to them, and when I do they just come out blurry that you can;t even see the character’ eyes. :sweat_smile:

I just want someone who can make clean, sharp, and nice limb overlays for me.

Thank you and I really appreciate it.

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I can be that person… but, I’m on vacation and I can only start this “job” in a month. Here’s a link to a shop where you can see my examples:

Oooooh I love your overlays!!! I got someone do this overlay for me. But I am definitely going to keep this thread in hand. Tysm and enjoy your break!!

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Thank you and you’re welcome!