Anyone want to be my writing partner?


Hi guys. So I’ve been a big fan of episode for years. I decided I’d like to write one for others. I’m not great at the directing and that and I would love some help with the script and some reviews


Yes! Sure I would like to join in and help.


SOrry about the late reply, I’m still new to this haha! I would be delighted to team up on a project with you. I am currently writing stories on Wattpad and just wouldn’t be able to do an episode story without your help!


Hi! I’m interested if you’re not to busy ^.^


ok sounds good!


Hi is it too late


Hi I haven’t started anything yet. I feel like I would be annoying my partner as I am literally no good whatsoever at directing or anything. Plus I’m scared that my story won’t be good enough.


Its fine but do u want to be partners and if yes how should we start?


Hi I’m so sorry I’m so late!! I was like you but now I know Episode like the back of my hand! Please let me help? :kissing_cat:


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: