Anyone want to co-write with me?


Hi there! So, I’m currently in the middle of writing a story, my first one, and I was wondering, 'I could really do with someone else to input their opinions!" So, you’d get credit of course, but you can change the plot, tell me grammar mistakes, and even make some new characters! We’d be working on it together so I’ll give you my account as long as you use it for just episode, and youtube if you want because I know that I listen to music whilst I write. I know this is a long paragraph but there’s still more to come :slight_smile:
Here’s some information you’ve got to follow if you want to write with me. Either pm me or message it on here:

~Any previous stories you’ve wrote or one that you’re currently working on,

~What style you work best with (classic, ink or limelight),

~What time zone you live in,

~Whether you have any previous experience with coding/writing,

~How long you spend on the forums or coding a day,

~Any extra information you want to add!

Thanks for just reading this extremely long paragraph of information! I’m excited to be working with the person who gets chosen.


I am interested! It sounds like fun! When do we start?


All you need to do is fill out the information above :slight_smile:


~#24 my first story(Work In Progress)
~All three (I’ve been testing them)
~Central Time Zone Standard Time
~I code stories, but don’t publish (#26 will be my first publish)
~5-12 hours during summers 5-9 hours in spring summer & winter (I go to school)
~I also like listening to music when I write, and I would appreciate your help on my story as well!


Hey! I’m extremely sorry but the space is taken, although I am going to start a new story soon and I will need another writer. Again, I’m sorry but I’ll keep you in mind for the next story!




can i help you co write