Anyone want to create a cover for me for Limelight

Hello everyone I am needing a cover for my story it’s my first story. If anyone is interested please message me thank you :blush:

Ink or LL?


Sry I only do ink drawn…:revolving_hearts:

Thank you

What do you need then I’ll let you know if I can

the mc and another girl standing behind the Americans flag maybe. I’m really not sure maybe it will say in cursive rise at the top and then in the middle it’ll say & then the bottom says fall. Black cursive with the American flag in the background

Hey! I can do that for you if you still need it done.
Request at my art shop if you want :star_struck:
Ellie’s Art Shop :blob_hearts: (OPEN)

If you still need an artist try checking out my art shop: Merr's art shop🦋 [OPEN&FREE]

If you still want the cover, come to Splashes, cover and Art scenes request shop!

Yes I am still interested :blush:

Come to Ashley’s art shop!:tada::two_hearts:

How soon can you have it done? And how do I find that?

Ashley’s art shop!:tada::two_hearts:

Did you get the link!

I can’t click on it. It’s not clickable

Ok type it in an it will pop up💕