Anyone want to design my story cover?

Doe anyone want to design my cover? If so I will give you all the information that is needed.

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I can try!

I can

I can. @Aerial_author
Request here. :point_down:t4::point_down:t4:
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My story is going to be called “”
For the Male…
Skin Tone-Tan
Brow-Thin Arch
Hair-Short Cropped (Cayenne)
Eyes-Classic Round (Blue)
Face Shape- Chiseled Square
Lips-Uneven (Taupe)

Ripped Punk Pants
Shirt (Chinchilla grey)
Lady Rose Tattoo (cade)
Black High Top Dance Shoes

Skin Color-Tan
Brow-Seductive Arch
Hair-Straight (Fawn)
Eyes-Upturned Feline (taupe)
Face-Soft Heart
Lips-Full Round (taupe)

Touch of Scotland Shirt (Peach)
Gold Pendant Necklace
Leather Leggings (White)
Black Ridged Moto Jacket
Jade Party Shoes

My idea for the cover would be that I would have the female on the left crossing her arms and on the right I would have the male pointing the gun. I am fine with whatever background you choose as long as it looks “sketchy” if that makes sense. If you could also put the title above that would be great.
That cover would be for the main cover
Then for the cover that is the one you would you would see if you were to click on my story.
I want the female on the left and male on the right with each of them giving each other death stares.

I hope I did my best explaining, if you have questions feel free to ask.
Thank You

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Opps forgot to put the story’s title… it is 'Opposites"

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You requested on our shop

I’m late but I wouldn’t mind doing splashes for you :slight_smile:

So this might sound dumb but what are splashes?
I am new to this.

You know those parts that say stuff like this story uses sound and thing like that