Anyone want to do an art scene for me

Hey, can anyone help with an art scene for me?
I’m doing a scene where the female MC is pulling the 2nd MC into a pool and kinda want the 2nd MC land next to her and now they are close if that makes sense.


What do the characters look like and what character style are they?

it’s in Limelight, but you or anyone can do what they are comfortable with. not picky. The guy has the athletic body type. idk why it didn’t show

I do realistic art art commisions (paid) if your interested I could send examples :heart:

depends on how much. my budget is super low because of awesome college :unamused: lol

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I do paid realistic art commissions too, you can PM me if you are interested in seeing examples, or buying :black_heart:

I completely understand if your looking for art with 2 characters it will be £15-£20 depending on complexity x

how much is that in USD

never mind its like 17 in usd. unfortunately thats too much for me right now

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Alright no worries! Hope you find what your looking for x

You can check @arts_eliz on instagram.
Her commissions are low.

Hey if you don’t want to pay for the scene check out:

thanks. will look into it

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search up some art shops!

I’ve been all week lol. no one has replied

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woops wrong spot. been typing in different areas on this. lol

hmmm check out @Lin.Steeles art shop and

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@RileyWrites and @epi.jesss ‘ shop

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Yeah I got someone for the art scene I’ve been trying to get help on different things all day. wrong chat lol

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If you need help with something else (art wise), feel free to message me, I may be able to help!

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