Anyone want to help create a quirky "tv-esque" intro for my story? :D

Howdy hey! I’m working on an intro that I can use for a story of mine (which has yet to have a set name so you can help me with that too if you’d like heh :sweat_smile:).

It’d play at the beginning of each episode and it would kinda be reminiscent of a sitcom or cartoon’s theme. I have a lot coded actually, but my problem is that I can’t quite give it that tv show vibe…So I’m hoping someone can help me change and fix it to reach peak snappiness! That means you’d get to help me find/use music and overlays and monsters(!) and transitions- oh my :scream:! You’d obviously be showered in my love and of course credited for being a top-tier human being as well. And who doesn’t want “Recognized Top-Tier Human” on their resume?

If anyone’s interested in collabing, I can send you the theme’s script for what I have currently and we can work together from there! Being mad genius with overlays is a plus, but I’d imagine it’ll be mostly basic colored panel type stuff, so really anyone who’s got an itching to make a fun theme with me, feel free to lmk either on here or in a pm! And ask anything if ya need some more info bout it!


Hey there!
I’m kinda interested, I’ve once tried to do intros like sitcoms and reality shows. I’m new to Episode forum, but I’m used to script stuff.
Before I’d like to know more about it, in this way I can see if I can help you or not :wink:
Where can I get in touch with you?

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Hi that’s perfect! You can pm me or I’ll pm you (via the forums)- since you’re probably still learning the works! I’ll give ya all the details in the pm! :grin: