Anyone want to help me write a story?



You can help correct coding and make sure grammar and spelling is correct.
Also I be in college so won’t have much time to write but person who wants to help message me privately and you better have a instagram as it be easier to message you that way.


Hey, I can’t help with coding but I can correct grammar and spelling.


That’s fine, you can just help with grammar and spelling :slight_smile: Do you have instagram?


Yes, I’m following you there.


Can I message you tomorrow?


Wait you already following me on instagram?


Yep, I’m in ER too. My real name is Melody. My instagram is melody.3pisode




Oh :joy: Well dm me tomorrow then


Why you laughing?


She thinks it’s funny obviously, lol


How I didn’t know you followed me?


it’s just funny… how you said " wait you already following me on Instagram :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Oh right, makes sense. I didn’t know I am so silly :joy:


wait u are talking to me??