Anyone want to help with a new coder?

Hello!! I am a brand new coder and I need some help. I just figured out how to pan the camera and I’ve been working on this story for months and months now. I’m still on episode 1 and I’ve only got 2000 lines of code written. I still have to figure out how to fade in and out of scenes, and how to add overlays. I’m amazing at outfits and dialogue, but trying to figure out directing? Not my best area. Just looking for someone to teach me how to do what I listed above! :heart:


Make sure to check


Command for fading in and out -

@transition fade out black 2 (2 is just the seconds you can add any no. Of seconds)

@transition fade in black 2


Thank you!!! Your a lifesaver :heart:

I have linked a bunch of resources here:


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Check this out for adding overlays.

You may find the above video helpful too.
I’m new to coding as well. I’m learning everything from these videos and guides and you won’t believe it but I have improved a LOT! I’m sure you will be able to code like a pro in no time. Just keep practicing. :wink:

Yes, I love Joseph Evan’s videos! Dara Amarie’s templates and tips are helpful too. Even though I’m working on my first story, I feel like a pro at coding :joy:


Sameee :blob_hearts: :fist_bump:

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Thank you!!

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I totally agree!!

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Thank you so so very much!!

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I also have some beginners guides on my drive :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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