Anyone want to join an art shop? 😉

Hi! So obviously since you read the title you know that I am looking for some artists to join an art shop!

If you don’t know me, my name is Amelia :wave: and I joined episode about 3 months ago, and recently started doing episode art. I really enjoy it and find it relaxing when I’m stressed, so I thought why not do some art for other people!

I am thinking of naming it something like “Lavender Art Shop” but I am indecisive, terrible at naming things, and open to suggestions :joy:

I am thinking of having 5-7 artists but that may change! All you have to do is fill out this quick survey and leave a few examples and I will get back to you as soon as I can


  • What style (Limelight, Ink, or both)
  • What type of art (covers, splashes, pfps, custom poses, etc.)
  • How you would like to be credited
  • How many requests you can take at a time
  • Drop some examples!

I do outlines.


Oh and if you wanted to see some examples here are mine (I don’t have many since I just started doing episode art


^^ this one is an old WIP I gave up on, maybe I’ll finish it

^^ The outline IS NOT MINE, this is from @/shesxkenzie 's outline contest (her insta is @/kenziewritess go follow her)


Those look great! Could you just fill out the form for me since that is important info that I will need? Thanks :heart:


These look amazing!


I can take 5 to 8
Examples are already sent, soo
Share the news of the shop (say I made it) I don’t have instagram or any social media.
I do ink, I make my art on ibisPaint x
Going AFK see ya!


Thank you!! :heart:

Sounds good! I will make a group chat once more people join!


What style ; Classic, limelight and ink

What type of art : ( Covers, splashes, edited pfps and backgrounds)

How would you life to be credit : my insta sassy_kitty99 ( if they don’t have instance just credit me by my forum name)

How many request can you take at a time : 2-3

Drop some examples : You can check my insta, the shops I am in right now or I can just simple DM you to show you my examples :kissing_heart:

@amelial so which one do I suggest I do?


My Form😛
What style; Ink
What type of art; PFPs
Credit; on the forums @EllyAus234 and on insta @lina_giri07
How many requests u can take; 2-3


  • What style (Limelight, Ink, or both) Botj
  • What type of art (covers, splashes, pfps, custom poses, etc.) Custom Poses and Character Cards
  • How you would like to be credited epy.vector on IG
  • How many requests you can take at a time 3
  • Drop some examples


Fixed it lol


They are all uploading😶


I know lol :skull:


? which of what haha

Ooh I love your art!

Your examples are gorgeous :star_struck:

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Should I dm you the pics? send you my insta so you can see my photos? or should you just check the shops I work at?

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I saw a few of the examples on your insta, but if you could dm me any more that you have that would be great

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bump :blob_sun:

Heyy let me know if you’re still hiring :wink:
Here’s the form if yes :))

I can draw just limelight

I would love to do covers, pfps, splashes, artscenes and character cards

I would like to be credited by my forum name

I could take 1- 2 requests at a time because of my school stuff

Here are my examples (still working on more tho :sparkles:)


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