Anyone want to make limelight outfits for 3 females?

I don’t have the time to sit and make outfits for my limelight characters, so would you like to make some outfits? I have 3 female characters that need outfits. If you want, when the outfits pop up in my story I can give you credit.

A Girlie girl whos brain is the size of a walnut

Kayla: A badss whos loud, and slutty

Ruth: Super crazy but funny and strict grandma

I can do them for you. Give me a sec…

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Just checking in since it’s been around 40 minutes. Are you almost done?

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Sorry. I had dinner.

Lol it’s fine! I love these outfits! What do you want me to use for the crediting? Should I use your Instagram or… (whats your Instagram?)

You can use my Instagram. It’s hotel.hideaway_stories. You don’t need to credit me, but you can if you want.

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I’ll credit you. Btw i’m working on the 3rd episode so it’s not out yet but should be soon, but my story is called The Island.

Awesome. Let me know when its out, I’m curious to check it out.

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