Anyone want to participate in something for Mental Health Awareness Month?

I’d love to hear your mental health stories if you’re willing to share them! It’s for a little video we’re doing with @/epi.creatives - Our Instagram group.

We’ll need your Episode character details and a short story/speech relevant to the topic of mental health. If you prefer to remain private, don’t hesitate to DM me instead.

Thanks in advance x



I have high functioning autism and depression which for me means I’m sensitive to loud noises and sometimes have breakdowns when I’m upset in elementary school I often felt like a outcast and was treated like a child because of this even though I wasn’t really different from other kids…
For years I has misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder it was only four years ago when i was accurately diagnosed there’s no cure for autism or really depression but I wouldn’t have it any other way I’m proud to be who I am and no one can change that! :two_hearts:


Thank you, Suki! x

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@Sydney_H - Please close this thread x


Well I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 many years ago before they cled it bipolar. I have had to really work at overcoming the stigma that went along and still follows people with mental illnesses. But just listen to me We all are special in our own way. It’s been a struggle but I finally found the right meds that help.

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Do you have your LL character details? X

Closed by OP request. :smiley: