Anyone want to write me with on my stories?


Help me please! :wink:

1st story:
2nd story:


I wouldn’t mind helping you out :blush:


You both can help me!


should i add my own song lyrics or no?

"do you see the beauty in youself. I know its there inside of you. All gotta do is look in the mirror. Look at that smile on face It can bright up a room.”
i just dont want people to get upset


Yes you can add anything you would like! :grin:




Your quite welcome!


FYI everyone added my stories in the first post! :wink:


I can help with directing and if you need art (like splashes) and if you need any help you’re welcome to ask me


I will take any help I can get stories in first post!


You can find my story links in first post of this thread!


You can find my story links in first post of this thread on this page!


How do ya’ll help me with my stories?


Like if you need ideas when u have writer’s block or if you want directing help and stuff.


Both please ideas and directing and coding too! :wink:


Yep I could do that. We can either talk on here or on a pm, just feel free to ask me any questions and remember I’m not an assistant or helper, rather I am a friend so feel free to talk about anything to me. :smile:


Could I help?



Here is my story link!


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: