Anyone wanting a story coded? (Free. Only credit wanted)

If anyone is looking for someone to code a story that they have already written, I can help!
All I need is the story and I can code it from there.
I will write it from my account as I will be doing it myself but I will send each episode to you after it’s written so you can publish it from your own account. I will NOT steal your ideas and once I am finished, I will delete the story from my account. I only want credited in it
Only things I need to know are:

  • How many chapters you want
  • How long you want each chapter
  • A story deadline (if there is one)
  • What the title is (if you have one)
  • Any extra info

I will write stories for as many people as possible but remember:

  • If I don’t understand something, I will ask you
  • I have my own time but I will try and get it done as quickly as possible
  • I preferably only write from a storyline not an already coded story!
  • I only do Limelight

Waiting List

  • BunnyHo
  • kennedychase

Can have more spaces!

Hope someone is interested

My Insta is maisie_episode_writing

If you are interested, ask under here first pls



I would love help making my first story 400 lines in the first three chapters.


Okay. I would love to help. I will create a PM for us. Just give me a min


I have created it.

I don’t need it fully coded, but I’d certainly appreciate some help with coding scenes.
How advanced are your skills?
I’d love to speak with you about this!
All the best :heart:

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I’m pretty advanced and would love to help. I will PM you in a min

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hi, I have the story planned and everything, just need help with coding.

Sure. PM ne

I would LOVE if you could do this for me, I do have one short story the=at i made like 2 years ago for my friends that is really stupid but I also have many other stories or ideas in my head that I would like to be put of there, I just don’t really know how to code.

I’d love to help!!!
PM me
Or DM maisie_episode_writing

Could you please code a story for me? I would just need help with the first 3 chapters if I understand it after that.

Ok. PM me

r u still coding ?
cuz I could rlly use some help coding a story

Yes please! Are you doing any more? College is starting and I won’t have as much time on my hands until then.

I can help u both. PM m

Hello,I am even a little coward to ask,but can you make story for me?or just show example of random story,because I don’t understand tips,it looks too complicated,please?!

I’ll code for you but I can only do LL. Is that ok?

i have send a message in u inbox oops

I have six stories on the go which I have given up on, due to getting frustrated with the coding process…so this would be an amazing help!

I’m not expecting you to code all six lol. But any help with coding my current story would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

I can code 6 if u want. Lol
Just so long it is LL