Anyone wants to be a co-writer ? :)

Hi guys!

I needed a co-writer for my upcoming story (my first story so excited ahh)

“If You Dare” -Romance, Action - (@mimiepi is currently working on the cover, you should definitely check her out🤍)
This would be an unpaid collab, sorry I’m not able to offer more :((


I’m a “wanna be” new writer, please don’t be rude😁
Sam is a girl who works with her father in his dirty business, she is put on a highschool with the mission of finding the daughter of Scott Miller, who happens to be her father’s ex best friend, and primary target. But Sam didn’t expect to accidentally become best friends with his daughter, nor to fall in love with Leo Miller, who also happens to be Scott’s son.


19 year-old Sam - main character


18 year-old Leo - love interest (Julia’s twin brother)


18 year-old Julia - side character (Leo’s twin sister)

These are the main characters, obviously I have other side characters but I’d say they are the main focus on this story

I’m looking for someone who could help me with a second opinion as well as script templates maybe? Anyone in general, I’d be very very thankful!

Please reply to this thread as well as PM me if interested :blush:


Hi I’m interested in helping out as a possible co-writer. I’d love to hear more about your story first!