Anyone wants to be friends! Woohoo! (CLOSED)

Hola mi amigos y amigas! Don’t worry, this whole topic is not going to be in my Spanish that I just learnt and totally want to show off… :lying_face: Did it work though?:sweat_smile: I would totally love to have a friend on Episode! Just pm me or comment and we can 100% be EBF < Episode Friends Forever!! Btw, did I say totally too much? :sweat_smile:


Hey!! I so wanna be your friend! You sound as crazy as me (hard to believe honestly) :purple_heart::purple_heart: anyway you can pm me if you want

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Oh and don’t take it the wrong side lmao

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No taken the wrong side at all! I mean, who doesn’t love crazy? :crazy_face:

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Haha love the answer :yum::yum::yum:

You sound rly cool tho, Ima pm u rn :laughing::laughing:

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