Anyone wants to be friends?

Hello to everyone. I’m currently looking for some friends. It may sound sad or odd but I’m not a fan of making friends at college. I’m just not so social I guess? But sometimes I would really like to talk to someone or share something with someone. I’m also not a boring person. So I think I could use some friends :sweat_smile:


Hey!!! I can be your friend! Want some donuts :doughnut:?

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Haha sure why not? Love them

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Do you wanna pm me on here or dm on instagram? I’ll get the donuts delivered to ya :wink:

On Instagram, since I have notifications. @val_episode_

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You can toally be friends!! If you want
(Disclamier: Im kinda crazy and have no idea how to spell)

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I’m also crazy so no worries :3

ㅋ, i need some friends

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I see u are into kpop?

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Sure, I would love to!

Hi! I’ll be your friend!

Cool! Where do you want to chat? On the forum or on the IG?

i would like to be your friend too! I don’t have some many friends in this community.

Same here! Where do u preffer to chat?

instagram, whats your insta?


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I am so new here so I love to make some new friends :alien::crazy_face:

I’ll be your friend! :blush:
You can PM me on here or send me a message on my Instagram: @leslie_va24

Heyy girl

ayy hiii i’d love to be friends (: