Anyone wants to be friends?

Hi! Where do you want to chat?

Hey girl, do u prefer insta or forum?

Furoms lol im barely on inst

Dm on my ig @perry.episode :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

insta sounds good what’s your ig?

We can be friends. Do you have Instagram if so please contact me there and we can talk.
We can have a great time talking about randomness and things going on.

Wrote u<3


I messaged you. We can be friends.

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Hey girl! I’d love to be friends! I literally just joined episode forums; i don’t know anyone haha. PM me on here and we can chat xoxo

i am :slight_smile:. ㅂ for not responding right away

Count me in :star_struck:
Insta : @lonewolf.episode

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