Anyone wants to do R4R? (CLOSED)

does anyone want to do a read for read?

(closed temporarily)

this is my story:

title: Qideina Academy of Magic
style: limelight
episodes: 3 (more to come)
author name: cherry
genre: fantasy
description: Qideina Academy of Magic is a top school in the world of immortals. But, students are getting cursed day by day.

once you read my story, just send me a screenshot and i’ll read yours!


I would like to do read for read :hugs::heart:
So here is my story:
Author: AnjitaD
Title: Master of elements
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 3(more coming soon)
Description: Will you and your friends able to save the world from darkness as you uncover secrets back 500 years ago ? (Time choices points system, adventure, fantasy, mystery and action)
Style: Limelight
Link :

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sure! i’ll check it out, could you send me a screenshot after you’ve read my story too?

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Sure, I m reading the story now :hugs:

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I’m always wondered what the… Reviewed means on your cover. :see_no_evil:

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would love to do a R4R! I will sent you a screenshot in DM when I’m finished.

Title: The Power of Music

Style; LL

Chapters: 3 chapters published.

Description; Yesterday a simple human. Today a master of the Magic Music in an alternate universe. Would you be able to create your band and bring the music back with The Power of Music?


All body shaped added in the CC

  • Choice to play as; Plus Size Female / Generic Female or Male.
  • Male or Female Love interest
  • Full CC for the MC (including name) and the love interest.
  • Advanced Directing
  • Limited CC for your band members.
  • Mini games
  • Choices matters!

Mermaids, Orcs, Giants, wizards, smurfs, A lot music and much much more!

Cover credits: @vitag.draws on IG

The link;

Here you go :hugs::heart: I enjoyed your story

tysm! i’ll read yours in a few hours haha waiting for passes, i’ll let you know in dm once i read them!

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She give this sticker @crystal.writes.stories :point_left: her Instagram name :grin:

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Sure :hugs: take your time

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i am open for rfr! DM me if interested

Story Name : Necromancers (LL)
Chapters Available: 3
Eve and Zeke are the last Necromancers. Demons ravel. Truths to be told. One big mistake can change everything in a few seconds. Remember it’s just the beginning of the end…
Choices: Yes a few matters to determine the relationship with LI and mini fights.
CC: Limited
IG: @epi.enchantress


I’ll do R4R :blush:

Title: Her Alpha, His Omega
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 13 (ongoing)
Description: Ellis is set to become Alpha on his twenty-first birthday IF he can find himself a suitable wife, but what happens when he falls for an Omega from a rival pack?

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sure! just send me a story after you read mine and i’ll get to yours asap.

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I’d love to do a 3 episode R4R! Here are the details for mine and @Danielle318 's new story:

Story Link:
Description: Follow Detective Hudson who has spent their life trying to put their family’s tragic history behind them until a new serial killer threatens to uncover the past. M/F MC, 4 LI, CM
Author: Elle
Genre: Mystery
CC: Limited
Choices matter and there are multiple points systems!
My Instagram: @eliseclairmont.episode


okay! send me screenshots after reading mine and i’ll get to your story soon!


Perfect I’ll add you to our waiting list:

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okay, tysm! i’ll dm you once i finish your story.


Thanks! :blush:


R4R please