Anyone wants to review my unpublished story?

Hello everyone! I have some finished episodes and I would love if somebody would review the first 3. If you like my story you can review more.
About my story:
-mystery romance (avoiding cliches)
-choices with some different scenes
-CC of MC and LI
And if somebody would like to continue working with me for the future I would love to! Thx all!


Good morning @Wraith.monke

@Hairycane can help you with reviewing your unpublished story for you.

Here is a link of her new shop feels free.

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Hello everyone! I’m currently writing a story and if somebody has free time I would love to have some beta readers for 3 chapters (or more if you will like it) I’m trying to write a mystery romantic story avoiding cliches, having choices with different scenes and outcomes as well as CC of MC and LI
Pm me if you feel interested​:heart::heart:


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